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Our vision is to become the most preferred training institute for stock market training to improve financial literacy.

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We aim to enhance your knowledge on the stock market and in turn help you achieve financial freedom

Our Method

We constantly update ourselves with new education technologies and methodologies to make financial education easy.

Hello everyone. Most of us work hard to earn the money. And many of us ready to save but not to invest. It might be 2 reasons for not to invest in stock markets. 1.Lack of knowledge to start 2. And Risk involved in stock market. Generally, our discussion on stock market is very less to have knowledge and to know about risk. Of course, risk is there in everywhere including the fixed assets (if bank goes bankruptcy). So here we get to know how to reduce the risk and create wealth through investment. Here we go ahead…

Our Most Popular Courses

We completely teach all stock market related topics. Few of them are.

Equity Markets

Equity markets is the place where shares traded between buyers and sellers Which represents ownership of the business. It can be used to wealth creation

Equity Derivatives

Equity derivatives mainly used to hedge the funds or portfolios to reduce the risk. Most of the strategies can be implemented here

Mutual Funds

We can invest in all types of markets through Mutual Funds which is managed by professionals. It’s simple, easy and best way to invest money.

Forex Market

Forex trading is used to buy or sell the currencies to get benefit from rupee appreciation or depreciation. It directly related to stock markets and bonds

Commodity Market

It’s a place where we can make a contract with buyer or seller for future date to reduce risk of price appreciation or depreciation for commodities

Technical Analysis

T.A is all about studying price and volumes on charts with different patterns and indicators. It’s mostly depends on psychological behaviour.

Fundamental Analysis

F.A is a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. It’s all about studying economy, company and its Financial statements.

Financial Management

F.M is to get Financial freedom with Financial planning. Making a plan about insurance, emergency fund, mutual funds, asset allocation and importance of inflation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our course is useful for beginners, Employees, Investor, Trader, Students, Housewives and also Retired people.

After completion of our Complete Stock Market course one can get in-depth knowledge about Equity Markets, Equity derivatives, Commodity, Forex Market, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. Able to trade and invest in all these instruments independently without anybody’s help. The Best thing about our course is that we provide practical training with live market attachment on virtual and actual trading.

Once you join our course you will be added into our WhatsApp and Telegram groups and you will get lot of recommendations and strategies on stocks and also you will get IPO recommendations for every IPO in India.


Of course you can join our course because the course is designed for the beginners to advanced level people and we will focus on ONE TO ONE training which is very advantage to students.


Yes , we are conducting free Demo before starting of a new batch and I feel that in this Demo one should get chance to learn so many things and get awareness on personal finance and stock markets.


What Our Students Have to Say

It’s a good platform to learn about Financial markets. He teaches with live market and gives practical examples. I really like his way of teaching.
K. Rajabapu
I took training from Pengar academy. Actually, I joined for Mutual Funds. But after completing course I have good knowledge on all Financial markets . Now I can analyse my stocks easily.
L. Chinna
I’m happy to share my feedback here. Trainer is really good knowledgeable person. I like that he explains in a simple manner and he shows us real numbers which makes us to think. Thank you Pengar academy.
S. Manoj
This is a right place to learn about Financial management apart from fundamentals and technical analysis. Simply it’s a full-fledged course. I strongly recommend.
B. Shekar

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